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KFC not ruling out legal action over offensive not so finger-lickin’ ‘Hillary special’ buttons

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Feathers were ruffled at Kentucky Fried Chicken over presidential campaign merchandise that compared Hillary Clinton to a meal at the restaurant.

An anti-Hillary Clinton pin caused a stir when it made the rounds at GOP events and the Republican National Convention in July, causing the fried chicken chain some unwanted attention.

A spokesman for Kentucky Fried Chicken told TMZ that the company had nothing to do with producing the buttons.

The company “does not endorse any political candidate and certainly does not support offensive, derogatory portrayals of any person,” the spokesman said.

According to TMZ:

“Aside from the obvious misogynistic shot at Hillary … the rep thinks the button also disparages KFC, and is an infringement of its trademark.

KFC isn’t ruling out legal action if it can find out who’s making the buttons.”


The pins were not official Trump merchandise, but the GOP nominee did get in on some of the fried chicken love.

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Though the pin had apparently been around before the 2016 race even began, the election events brought renewed attention.

Along with all the verbal mud-slinging in the 2016 presidential race, a fair share of merchandise has been peddled by supporters of both parties’ nominees. Though some people found the pin to be offensive and sexist, many others did not see what the uproar was about.

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