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WikiLeaks: CNN’s Chris Cuomo grills Clinton advisor over unflattering email she wrote about Hillary

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When CNN’s Chris Cuomo attempted to get a Hillary Clinton supporter to explain an unflattering email she wrote about the Democratic nominee, he ran headlong into what has now become SOP for the candidate when faced with a difficult question.

Deflect, deflect, deflect.

Clip via CNN

WikiLeaks released an email this week in which Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden wrote that the candidate’s inability to connect with the American voter may be turning into a “character problem.”

Clinton’s “inability to just do a national interview and communicate genuine feelings of remorse and regret is now I fear becoming a character problem,” the email said.

“Now, when Secretary Clinton was asked about this, she went to the point that the campaign prefers, which is WikiLeaks is Russia infiltrating the election,” Cuomo observed to Tanden.

“That may be true … but let’s deal with the substance of … one of the ones that you wrote,” he said, and then displayed her email.

“Where did you guys come to a conclusion about why Clinton had such a hard time just owning that she did something wrong with the email server?” he asked.

Rather than answer the question directly — or even indirectly — she deflected, and aping Clinton during Wednesday’s debate, discussed the alleged Russian source of the email and ignored its contents — and Cuomo’s question.

“I know that Russia and other forces would love us to have a debate … about the internal structure of Hillary’s campaign. What’s true, what’s not true? And I’m just not going to play that. I’m sorry,” Tanden told Cuomo.

“The reality here is, as [Republican Senator from Florida] Marco Rubio said, ‘we have a Russian government, … a foreign government trying to essentially impact this election.’ And I’m sorry, Chris, but using the American media to do that.”

The CNN “New Day” host tried to break in, but she was having none of it and charged on ahead.

“Any email I sent was personal from my personal account to someone else’s personal account. I’m not on the campaign. I was a formal outside adviser with my own thoughts.”

Cuomo finally found an opening large enough to get a word in.

“Neera, if this email were from [Donald Trump Campaign Manager] Kellyanne Conway to [Deputy Campaign Manager] Dave Bossie, you would be giving me all your deepest thoughts about it right now,” he observed.

“You don’t like it because it’s your email. You’re ducking it, you’re not having high ground.”

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