Juan Williams tries to protect Hillary from criminal accusations, but makes things hilariously worse

The Hillary Clinton campaign could probably do without the support from Fox News political analyst Juan Williams.

In an attempt to defend the Democratic presidential nominee against endless allegations of wrongdoing, which is a feat unto itself, Williams blamed her actions on “confusion.”

Williams commented on Fox News Channel Friday about hacked emails from Clinton‘s campaign chairman John Podesta that referred to a $12 million payout from the king of Morocco for an appearance by Clinton.

At the time of the “donation” in 2015, Clinton was no longer secretary of state, “The Five” co-host argued. “She was trying to be a loyal soldier to the family foundation,” he said, doubling down on his position that Clinton is being unfairly charged.

“But that’s not corruption,” Williams told Fox legal analyst Mercedes Colwin. “That’s confusion.”

Not only did Williams inadvertently provide another reason not to vote for Clinton, according to Twitchy,  he also may have come up with a new slogan for Team Hillary.

Twitter users let him have it.

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Frieda Powers


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