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Media magnate hits new low with salacious claim about Ivanka, but she’s fighting back

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*WARNING for content some might find offensive.*

It appears there is no low point that famous cat video site Buzzfeed won’t stoop to. Now, reaching to yet another low, the site’s founder is making salacious claims about another Trump, this time saying Donald Trump’s lovely daughter Ivanka once said she wants to see a “mulatto” man’s “c*ck.”

As the last presidential debate was set to begin, Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti jumped onto his Twitter account to make the outrageous claim.

“Surprised Ivanka would be shocked by lewd language,” Peretti wrote. “I met her once & she casually said: ‘I’ve never seen a mulatto c*ck, but I’d like to!'”

For her part, Ivanka immediately told the media that this claim is a lie. “I am not sure if this was meant to be a joke, but in case there is any ambiguity, this is a complete and total lie,” she told Mediaite.

Still, Peretti told The Daily Mail that he is sure she said it.

“Of course, it was memorable just because of the use of the lewd language and racist language,” the Buzzfeed chief insisted. “It was also memorable being in the environment of being… in New York, sometimes liberal and progressive people make comments meant as jokes and not necessarily earnest. I didn’t know how to take it.”

Peretti is no disinterested bystander in this race. He is a big supporter of Hillary Clinton.

It should also be remembered that the Trump campaign had tried to take out advertising on Buzzfeed but Peretti refused to allow it and put a stop to allowing any Trump campaign advertisements on his site.

Ivanka, though, wasn’t alone in being shocked by Peretti’s Tweet. Even many of his own employees at Buzzfeed were shocked at the post. Many not just shocked, but dismayed.


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