Kellyanne Conway stirs controversy for revealing what she heard ‘privately’ after the debate

This is probably not what you heard from the media publicly after the debate.

GOP nominee Donald Trump’s campaign spokeswoman, Kellyanne Conway, jumped to her Twitter account as soon as the last presidential debate for the 2016 election season ended last night and noted that she is hearing a lot of good things about The Donald’s debate performance. Needless to say, the tweet drummed up a lot of reaction.

Naturally, many “reporters” were quick to come to the aid of their preferred candidate and to attack Trump.

MSNBC talking head Lawrence O’Donnell was one of the first to show that he is a fair and balanced reporter by tweeting the following…

O’Donnell’s broadside didn’t go without notice from Trump fans, though. He was hit just as hard for his intemperate attack.

But others slammed the left, too.

Still, many, many of those responding agreed with O’Donnell that Trump lost and Conway is insane.

Or perhaps, it was “the voices” seemingly too frightened to report on the rigged system including voter fraud, let alone the mass media/Hillary campaign collusion.

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