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Frustrated Donald Trump Jr. blurts out the real reason media’s ignoring voter fraud

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Following the third presidential debate, Donald Trump Jr. demanded to know why the media is not more appalled by reports of voter fraud.

“They’re admitting to breaking the law. High-level people committing fraud,” the son of the Republican presidential nominee told Fox News Channel’s Bill Hemmer on “The Kelly File” Wednesday.

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Trump Jr. reacted to Hemmer’s comment that critics would say the Trump campaign’s focus on allegations of voter fraud and rigged elections will turn people away from the polls.

Trump Jr. pointed to reports such as the new Project Veritas videos which showed an alleged voter fraud scheme and Clinton campaign efforts to incite violence at Trump rallies, as well as all the WikiLeaks email releases exposing Hillary Clinton’s camp.

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“Where’s the outrage on that?” he asked, citing video that alleged Democrats have been rigging elections for 50 years. “Where’s the outrage? I don’t see it.”

Then he got to the heart of the matter. “It’s only outrageous if you’re a conservative and you did something.”


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