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Donna Brazile goes full victim-mode under WikiLeaks grilling; says Megyn Kelly is ‘like a thief’

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When not busy playing the victim, interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile resorted to name calling to deflect away from a grilling she was taking from Megyn Kelly, going so far as to call the Fox News host a “thief.”

In an interview following Wednesday’s presidential debate, Kelly asked Brazile about an email published last week by WikiLeaks that showed Brazile tipping off Hillary Clinton’s campaign about a question that was going to be asked during a CNN town hall in March.

“You had this question on March 12 that verbatim was provided by Roland Martin to CNN the next day,” Kelly said, referring to the email included in a batch from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. “How did you get that question?”

The DNC chairwoman, who was a contributor at CNN before assuming her current role, vehemently denied getting the question beforehand, but Kelly continued to press her on where she got the question.

“As a Christian woman, I understand persecution,” Brazile replied. “But I will not sit here and be persecuted because your information is totally false.”

Kelly referenced Posesta’s hacked emails as the source, prompting the Democrat to turn on her interrogator.

“Podesta’s emails were stolen,” Brazile said. “You’re like the thief, that wants to bring into the night what you found in the gutter.”

After noting that Brazile’s former colleague at CNN, Jake Tapper, called the apparent tip-off “unethical,” Kelly again asked her now-reluctant guest where she got the question from.

“I am not going to try to validate falsified information,” Brazile dodged. “I have my documents. I have my files — thank God I have not had my personal emails ripped off from me and stolen and given to some criminals to come back altered.”

“I never get documents from CNN,” she added.

A resigned Kelly reminded Brazile of an email she wrote to Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, saying: “Sometimes I get the questions in advance.”

The only thing clarified during the tense exchange is that it will be a long time before Brazile agrees to another Fox News interview.

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