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Donald Trump wins over ‘Hillary-leaners’ on major issues, comes out ON TOP of debate slugfest

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Pollster Frank Luntz used one of his famous focus groups to monitor Wednesday night’s presidential debate — the last of the race. And the winner is — Donald Trump.

The group was made up of 26 undecided Nevada voters.

Luntz also gave online followers the chance to put their two cents in.

Although group members described Trump as “improved” on the plus side and “rude” on the negative, the distinction was greater with Hillary Clinton. One participant described her as “presidential” and another as “criminal actress.”

On the issues, Trump’s business acumen shined through, and even those leaning toward Clinton had to give the New York real estate mogul the nod.

And he won them over on the foreign policy:

Speaking of economics, Clinton has hit Trump in the past for a $1 billion loss his business suffered during one year. Trump hit back with Clinton’s $6 billion in missing State Department funds that she was unable to account for during her four-year tenure in office.

But the issue that truly distinguished the two was immigration. Trump won on that one hands down.

CBS News carried the Luntz group — as it did in the first debate. But the Brits showed interest also. The BBC covered the group and it turned iout to be a winner for the network.

The biggest declared winner of the slugfest could be the moderator. While moderators in the first two debates were slammed for allowing their partisanship to show, Fox News Channel’s “fair and balanced” Chris Wallace got kudos for keeping things running smoothly.

But the deciding poll with be the one that takes place on November 8, when the American people decide who the next president will be.

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