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Oops! Ted Cruz shares, then deletes this tweet that excites the Never Trumpers

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On Sunday Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted — and then deleted — a message that if and when Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wins the White House, conservatives will have to start making a new home for themselves.

The idea wasn’t wholly that of the Texas Republican. He actually referenced a David Horowitz opinion piece in Conservative Review headlined, “Why conservatives will need a new party if/when Hillary wins.”

Before he deleted it, Twitchy was able to get a screenshot of the Cruz tweet.


Before the tweet was deleted, Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek shared it with his own followers.

The Cruz tweet stirred up the Never Trumpers, beginning with conservative talk radio host Steve Deace:

National Review contributor Liam Donovan observed that it was deleted, prompting speculation that Republican bigwigs had something to do with it.

Svitek reported the reason for the deletion.

But a Trump supporter had a better explanation.

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