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Julian Assange death scare! ‘Dead man’s switch’ triggered after internet was intentionally severed

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WikiLeaks said Monday that founder Julian Assange had to put into play “appropriate contingency plans” after a “state party” severed his internet link.

The night before, WikiLeaks published three cryptic tweets that left followers alarmed and confused.

Clup via Fox News Channel

Here’s the Monday morning tweet:

The three tweets sent out the night before referenced (Secretary of State) John Kerry, Ecuador and UK FCO (the United Kingdom’s Foreign Commonwealth Office). Each was preceded by the word “pre-commitment” 1, 2 or 3, and followed by a 64-digit number.

With nothing further to go on, speculation abounded. Some followers assumed it meant Assange had been hacked — others thought the worst — that the WikiLeaks founder was dead and his death had triggered a “dead man’s switch.”

Monday morning’s tweet would seem to imply that the three mysterious messages sent out the night before had more to do with Assange’s internet link being severed.

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