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Frank Luntz gives Trump a 5-point plan to win the debate and maybe the election

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Pollster Frank Luntz says Donald Trump can still win if the GOP nominee follows his five-point plan.

“You do all five of those points, and he wins the debate and he may win the election,” he insisted.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Luntz stressed that national polls on the race should be disregarded, saying “all that matters is Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.”

As for Wednesday’s final debate, he offered Trump his five-point plan free of charge, beginning with a suggestion that Trump present a “forensic audit” of the federal budget.

“Only a businessman like Trump could do a forensic audit, point by point, program by program, with genuine accountability,” Luntz said.

The second thing he recommended is for Trump to announce his appointments for key positions in his administration.

“Number three, he needs to talk about Hillary Clinton in terms of more than three decades in Washington, D.C.,” Luntz continued. “‘Did you get the change you want? Did you get the change you deserve?'”

Luntz said the next thing Trump must do is pivot away from the all the allegations of sexual misconduct.

“He’s not winning when he’s defending. He needs to move off of that,” he said.

The fifth and final point is that Trump must sell himself as the candidate of change, the one person who will rise above the status quo in Washington.

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