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Amy Schumer fans boo and leave show after she embarrasses guy on stage to shame ALL Trump supporters

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Amy Schumer drew the ire of Donald Trump fans when she got too political for their liking.

The comedian was serenaded with boos after going into a tirade against Donald Trump at her show in Tampa, Florida on Sunday, with some fans even walking out, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Schumer called a fan, named Dave, who happened to be a Trump supporter on stage to grill him over why he backed the Republican presidential candidate.

The “Trainwreck” star decided her best, first retort would be to insult the people of the swing state in which she was performing.

“Of course, we’re in Florida, you’re going to boo,” she fired back at the crowd, according to the Times. “I know you’re here to laugh, but you choose how you’re going to live your life, and it’s just too important.”

Her second tack to combat the booing audience was to prove free speech is a one way street at her shows.

“Just so you know, from now on, if you yell out, you’re gonna get thrown out,” she said.

Schumer, an avid anti-gun activist, was one of the earliest Hillary Clinton supporters and has previously take swipes at Florida, and Tampa in particular.

In her book titled “The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo” she called the city “horrendous” and added “I’m not scared about writing that, because I know for a fact that no one who lives there has ever read a book. JKJKJKJKJK, but kind of not K.”

Carmine Sabia


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