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People are calling this ‘Hillary groped me on a plane’ video brilliant; see why

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Conservative journalist Prissy Holly set Twitter on fire Sunday when she released a tongue-in-cheek video describing how Hillary Clinton “groped” her in an airplane bathroom.

“She just kept staring at my breasts the whole time,” Holly said. “The next thing I knew she completely forced herself on me.

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“She ripped my blouse,” she said through faux tears. “She put her hands up my skirt and just began groping e with her old lady talons.”

Holly encouraged others who have been “victimized” by Clinton to “share their story” with the hashtag #HillaryGropedMe, which they did in force.

As for Holly’s accusations against the Democrat presidential nominee, social media users thought they have about as much evidence supporting them as the decades-old allegations against Donald Trump.

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