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Latino Trump supporter, legal immigrant tells the truth about racist Hillary supporters

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A Latino was recorded at a West Palm Beach Donald Trump rally Thursday, voicing his support for the Republican presidential nominee, as well as his frustration with the Democratic Party.

Wearing his official red “Make America Great Again” cap, he described the event as “wonderful,” before going off on Trump’s rival.

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“We are so sick and tired of Democrats and liberals trying to twist everything that Trump does,” and he included Trump’s supporters, known as Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables.”

“This is history” is how he described Trump’s 11-year-old “locker room talk” that liberal media outlets were quick to report on — ad nauseam.

He added that even bringing up the old claims against Trump is nothing more than an act of desperation.

He said that he was “brainwashed” into voting for President Barack Obama but now knows better.

“The only thing they create is hate and division among Americans,” the man, who described himself as having immigrated legally to the United States said.

The Fed Up girls described what they saw at the rally as “the most diverse crowd of fed up Americans that we’ve ever seen supporting a Republican candidate.”

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