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Foolish media jump at new accuser over Trump greeting her with a kiss . . . look what they missed!

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We can expect reports of Donald Trump having played “Spin there Bottle” as a kindergartner at any moment now.

News outlets continue to ignore the very real evidence of corruption by Hillary Clinton, while grabbing at anything to throw at the Republican presidential nominee.

The latest “scandal” involves a woman who claimed Trump tried to kiss her on the lips when he greeted her– nearly two decades ago.

Clip via CNN

Cathy Heller, who is now 63 and the ninth so-called sexual assault victim to come forward, claimed that Trump greeted her at his Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago estate by kissing her.

To the best of Heller’s recollection, the encounter took place at a “Mother’s Day brunch in 1997 when Trump made the rounds of tables greeting everyone.

She described to the Guardian what happened when he approached her table.

“He took my hand, and grabbed me, and went for the lips,” she said.

That’s it?

The Trump campaign responded immediately. Fox News producer Chris Snyder reported:

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But as weak as her story is, it gets even better (read weaker).

It turns out Heller is a lifelong Democrat, a huge donor to the Democratic Party, and her husband and son are in direct competition with Trump as New York City real estate developers.

Source: GotNews.com
Source: GotNews.com

In addition, Charles C. Johnson reported on GotNews that Heller donated $2,700 to the Clinton campaign so far this year, and that her non-profit, Wildlife Conservation Society, where she sits as a board member, honored Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton two years ago.

Source: GotNews/com
Source: GotNews/com

When the news hit the street social media exploded.

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Talk about grasping at straws. It’s indicative of one thing — Clinton is getting desperate.

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