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Dana Perino erupts ‘like Mount Vesuvius’: ‘After 20 years of defending these guys … done!’

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Fox News’ Dana Perino was highly annoyed at big name supporters of Donald Trump who have been defending certain actions by the GOP nominee and didn’t hold back in announcing that she was “done” with them.

Perino criticized Trump Friday on “The Five” for referencing the appearance of some of the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, saying it’s not helpful that he chooses to “insult them.”

She was especially bothered by Trump saying he was “not impressed” when rival Hillary Clinton walked in front of him during the last presidential debate, but saved her harshest criticism for supporters of the candidate, naming Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson by name.

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“The Republican representatives who are defending this are really irritating me. I’ve been like Mount Vesuvius all day,” Perino said.

“There are people like — you know who you are,” she said, pointing into the camera. “You know who you are, Ben Carson. And others, Senator Sessions.”

Cohost Juan Williams threw gas on the fire when he jokingly recalled Carson asking to have BBC’s Katty Kay’s microphone shut off during a heated exchange on MSNBC Friday morning.

“Because women should be seen and not heard, apparently,” Perino fired back.

“After 20 years of defending these guys… done,” she added, while cutting the air with her hand.

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