Fox’s Lou Dobbs tweeted Trump accuser’s personal info. Now Twitter is calling for his scalp

After Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs published purported personal information about a Donald Trump accuser to his Twitter feed, he deleted the tweet and then apologized.

But in the hours between the tweet and the apology, social media eviscerated Hobbs and called for his figurative head on a platter.

The New York Times ran a piece Wednesday in which Jessica Leeds, who is now 74, accused the Republican presidential nominee of a decades-old instance of inappropriate sexual conduct.

Using the hashtag #MAGA, for “Make America Great Again,” Trump supporter Dobbs described 2016 as “the dirtiest campaign in our history.”


His tweet also re-tweeted an article that included personal information of Leeds. Oops.

Twitter prohibits users from publishing “other people’s private and confidential information,” including home addresses.

Dobbs deleted his tweet several hours after posting it, and several hours after that he offered this apology:

But others deemed it too little, too late.

Still, the Fox Business host had at least one supporter in his corner.

And what information about Leeds did Hobbs publish on Twitter?

“The purported personal information was posted to claim that Leeds had the same phone number as one listed for the Clinton Foundation in WikiLeaks releases (even though the phone numbers themselves did not match),” Business Insider reported.

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