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‘Black Men for Bernie’ Founder now working to convince blacks to vote for Trump

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A former Bernie Sanders supporter is now backing Donald Trump and is putting his efforts into convincing urban voters to give Republicans a chance.

Bruce Carter’s goal is to get more black voters to vote for Republicans, according to CBS Philly. Carter started Republicans for Urban Communities, getting Republican donors to invest in the “Earn My Vote” initiative.

After Sanders conceded the primary race to Hillary Clinton, Carter, who had launched “Black Men for Bernie,”  switched over to the Republican Party. But, he said, the GOP did not do much in the way of outreach to the black community.

“The Republicans suck– they have no way to get into urban communities,” he said. “They have done a horrible job at trying to expand their base among black communities.”

Starting in Philadelphia, Carter plans a multi-city tour to spark a conversation about a Republican partnership with the inner city, CBS Philly reported. With “Earn My Vote” he hopes to inspire more support for the Republican presidential nominee.

“We created a fund where we travel the country going into the urban community,” he said.

With funding from a conservative donor in Florida, Carter’s group plans to award two $5,000 grants to African-Americans this week.  One grant will go to a single mom starting a new business and the other to an existing business that seeks to expand.

“I’ve been told — ‘hey I don’t care if he’s a racist,’” Carter said. “‘If there’s a partnership, we in.’”

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