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Billy Bush lawyers up to fight NBC after he’s suspended for his role in leaked Trump video

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Billy Bush has no intention of taking his NBC suspension lightly.

The “Today” show anchor has hired “one of Los Angeles’ fiercest and most well-respected attorneys” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Bush is officially on suspension from NBC’s “Today” after video leaked from 2005 of Donald Trump having a lewd conversation with the then-anchor for “Access Hollywood.”

Marshall Grossman, who has represented Hollywood stars such as Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg, has come out swinging in defense of his client.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Bush, Grossman says, was an NBCUniversal employee interviewing an NBC star in The Apprentice’s Trump, so he wasn’t exactly in a position to challenge his interview subject.

“If Billy had been passive or responded ‘Shut the f— up’ to Trump, Billy would have been out of a job the next day,” Grossman, a partner at Orrick in Los Angeles, tells The Hollywood Reporter.

The shot at NBC comes as negotiations resumed Thursday between the network and Bush over the terms of his exit. The former Access Hollywood host, whose contract pays him about $3 million a year, believes he has leverage in the talks because he had told NBC colleagues about his Trump conversation at least as far back as August, when he was covering the Olympics in Rio.

Nevertheless, NBC claimed they did not know about the tape until last week. A claim that has been widely disputed.

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