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Trump finds unlikely ally in Scarborough, who questions suspicious timing of assault allegations

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Donald Trump received a little boost Thursday from an unlikely ally in MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

Despite their well publicized split several months back, Scarborough was skeptical of the accusations made by a growing parade of women now coming forward to say the GOP nominee touched them “inappropriately.”

“I’m skeptical about the timing of all of this dropping,” Scarborough said Thursday on “Morning Joe.”

“Talk about an October surprise,” he continued. “When again … there have been a thousand triggering events that would have made sense. If I had been sexually harassed by this man — the Megyn Kelly story would have given me an opportunity, there have been a thousand of the reports already.”

Scarborough pointed to the timing of the claims — The New York Times named two women Wednesday who said Trump touched them inappropriately, a writer for People Magazine made a similar claim and a Florida newspaper reported on yet another woman leveling such accusations.

“I’m just asking why suddenly all of this stuff is blowing up in October,” he said.

Not that Scarborough ruled out that the woman may be telling the truth, but he said history often proves otherwise over the course of time.

“Perhaps it’s all innocent. Perhaps there is no oppo drop. Perhaps it’s not coordinated,” Scarborough said, as co-host Mika Brzezinski looked on with furrowed brow. “I’ve found over my 25 years in public life that being skeptical usually pays off in the end.”

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