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Former lobbyist who served prison time warns Hillary is most corrupt person to come close to presidency

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Former super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff said that Hillary Clinton should serve at least four years in the big house — not the White House.

And he should know something on the subject — he’s also an ex-con who served a nearly four-year federal sentence for fraud and corruption.

Abramoff made his appraisal and gave his reasoning on “The Jamie Weinstein Show” podcast, and began by stating that the rise of Donald Trump is indicative of an electorate that is tired of Washington politics.

“I think the people in Washington are kind of having a hard time getting their arms around that,” he said.

Abramoff described the election as one where people are voting against a candidate, rather than for the other candidate.

“It seems that a lot of Republicans in Washington, including myself, can’t imagine and don’t want to imagine Hillary Clinton as president,” he told Weinstein at about the 6:50 mark.

“Hillary Clinton is somebody who’s come through the process of corruption in Washington [and] is the most corrupt person in the history of the United States to get this close to the presidency — including, by leaps and bounds, Warren Harding.”

Then Abramoff likened Clinton to himself — jailbirds of a feather?

“She’s been involved in activities that frankly I was put in prison for,” he continued.

Following the interview Weinstein tweeted:

Listen to the full interview below.

Audio via “The Jamie Weinstein Show”

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