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Donna Brazile outed in email leaks promptly sidelined by CNN — and she’s NOT happy about it

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After recently ensconced Democrat National Committee Chair Donna Brazile was caught coordinating with the Hillary Clinton campaign on questions to be asked at a CNN town hall during the primaries, CNN seems to have decided to sideline Brazile and she’s none too happy about it.

A recent dump by WikiLeaks of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief John Podesta showed that Brazile had contacted Hillary’s team to discuss a particularly sticky question that Hillary might have a hard time answering at an upcoming CNN town hall event, Politico reported.

Critics charged Brazile with helping Hillary at the expense of Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders.

Well, since the WikiLeaks release of Brazil’s email to team Hillary, CNN has found itself shelving the DNC chief as an on-air commentator.

And Brazile is not happy about it. She took to Twitter to slam CNN over the whole incident.

But realizing she is now the head of the Democrat Party, Brazile thought she’d better make a declaration about her Tweet storm…

All of this is interesting in that DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz was fired for helping Hillary beat Sanders in the primaries. And now we see the new DNC head was doing the same thing.


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