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Trumpocrat rising! Dems for Trump making a YUGE impact in key swing states – ‘over a million signed up’

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For the first time in a very long time, America’s blue collar workers finally have a champion leading a major party instead of just another globalist shill. By bringing attention to constantly rising trade deficits and the decline of U.S. manufacturing, Trump promises real solutions that would result in higher wages and real jobs for Americans in desperate need of a hand-up instead of a hand-out.

Former Democratic strategist and Bernie Sanders supporter Christian Rickers had Hillary pegged early on, so when Sanders dropped out of the race, Rickers founded an organization, called TrumpocratsPAC, designed to bring disenchanted Democrats into the Trump camp.

And if what the Trumpcrat founder just told Fox Business is true, his organization might just make a YUGE difference this election. 

According to Rickers, tens of thousands of former Democratic voters have switched their party registration in the key states of Ohio and Pennsylvania this year.

“We have over a million Trumpocrats signed up across the country,” Rickers said. “Over 800,000 that we identified in ten counties in Pennsylvania that we are going to turn out for Donald Trump.”

“Blue collar people are really upset about their jobs going by the tens of thousands overseas, and we are going to organize and make a difference.”

During an August appearance on Fox and Friends, Rickers outlined his reasoning for the switch: “I came from a very small town where we had 25 manufacturing plants 20 years ago, and now there’s one.” Trump is “the only one talking about rebuilding infrastructure and manufacturing in this country.”

Rickers promised that he and his organization would be busy getting out their message in key states, and it looks like they have succeeded in doing just that.

Watch a portion of the interview below:


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