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Fox & Friends asks what if team Hillary’s emails mocked Muslims instead of Catholics?

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The release by WikiLeaks of an email chain that included top Clinton campaign staffers mocking Catholics and evangelical Christians begs the question: What if the emails mocked Muslims instead? Would public reaction be more critical?

That was the topic during Wednesday morning’s “Fox & Friends.”

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Fox News Channel clip

“It’s … the textbook definition of bigotry,” co-host Tucker Carlson said of the email thread. “Let’s just play the game. Imagine you take out Catholicism and put in Islam,” he said.

“How exactly would this go over?” Carlson asked, and then answered his own question.

“You would hear a real outcry,” he said, adding that it amounted to “bigotry against a billion people.”

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt observed that this wasn’t the first instance of Democratic figures bashing Republicans and conservatives.

Co-host Steve Doocy picked up on Carlson’s thought.

“Had they been talking about Islam or Muslims instead of Catholics and Christians, there would be a town hall around MSNBC right now calling … all these people –”

Carlson jumped in and said there would be a call for an apology coming from President Obama in that event.

Here’s the actual email chain:


Family Research Council president Tony Perkins told Fox News host Megyn Kelly during his appearance on “The Kelly File” Tuesday that the emails show the Clinton campaign’s “hostility toward religious freedom,” and warned that “their religious freedom is at stake in this election.”

Catholic organizations have also decried the remarks, and have called for Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri’s resignation.

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