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Juanita Broaddrick didn’t like being called a ‘tramp’ by Joy Behar and she let her know!

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The ladies at “The View” were busy exercising their selective outrage on Monday.

Former Bernie Sanders supporter Joy Behar is apparently now ALL-in for Hillary Clinton. And she’s not afraid to bash alleged victims of sexual assault if it means getting her favored nominee into office.

Juanita Broaddrick, Pamela Jones and Kathleen Willey, have all accused Bill Clinton of sexual abuse. The women were then vilified by Hillary Clinton as she covered for her husband, putting her political ambitions above human decency.

After Clinton’s alleged victims appeared at Sunday night’s debate, View host, Behar one-uped Hillary’s verbal abuse and flat-out called the women “tramps.”

Broaddrick, did not take the lightly:

Broaddrick is finding a lot of support as outrage over her comment took hold:



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