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Huckabee slams ‘bed-wetting’ GOP elites for abandoning Trump: It’s not him losing they’re afraid of

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Mike Huckabee is livid over the Republican establishment’s abandonment of Donald Trump after vulgar remarks made by Trump were unearthed in an 11-year-old recording.

Trump supporters argue that as repulsive as Trump’s comments were, it pales in comparison to the actions taken against women by both Hillary and Bill Clinton.

So, why aren’t the Republican elites focusing on beating Hillary in November instead of Trump?

Huckabee believes he has the answer.

“A lot of these bed-wetting, hand-wringing Republicans–they’re not afraid Donald Trump is going to lose: They’re scared to death that Donald Trump is going to win,” Huckabee said on Fox News’ “The Kelly File.”

Trump’s appeal as a political outsider who will disrupt, if not destroy, the corrupt status quo running rampant throughout Washington D.C. is the driving force behind his support – and his opposition.

“We knew he was not a Sunday school teacher,” Huckeabee said, and added that no one is surprised to learn that Trump can be “crude and vulgar.”

But it’s not Trump’s gruffness that is spurring disdain from Rep. Paul Ryan and other Republicans pulling their support.

Trump will “mess up the neat little package of fun they have, and they all play to the donor class,” Huckabee said, and will bring “big changes” to Washington.

Huckabee said no one is asking for an endorsement of Trump’s comments about women. He mentioned Trump’s apology, while saying he was still waiting to hear one from Hillary.

“I’m waiting on Hillary to apologize for lying to Congress…to the American people, destroying evidence [and] making a deal with Iran.”

Not to mention, a long overdue apology to the many women who claim to have been sexually abused by her husband.


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