‘Presidents Being Colorful’ flashback features Obama saying: ‘B*tch n**** buy your own damn fries’

While Donald Trump has come under relentless attack over audio of lewd comments he made over a decade ago, he is not the only presidential hopeful – or even president – to be caught in “locker room banter.”

A video compilation of past presidents “being colorful,” was shared by The Gateway Pundit, and shows U.S. presidents from John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama sounding anything but presidential.

The first video collection features Kennedy’s angry remarks over a newspaper photo, Lyndon B. Johnson giving his tailor some very graphic directions and an allegedly drunk Richard Nixon discussing Watergate.

The second video collection includes “colorful” language from George W. Bush and even audio of President Obama. “B*tch nigga buy your own damn fries,” Obama says, reading some eyebrow-raising excerpts from his autobiography.

Bonus video of Obama reading:”Gotta have them ribs and p*ssy too!”

Cue the politically-correct gasps.

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Frieda Powers

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Frieda Powers


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