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One seriously stupid tweet blames ‘environmental racism’ for hurricane’s death toll in Haiti

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A Black Lives Matter support and writer came under such a fierce attack for her ridiculous comments that she had to delete her Twitter account.

Aura Bogado, who currently writes for Grist and who formerly wrote for the Huffington Post, explained that “environmental racism” was the cause of the massive casualties is the Island nation od Haiti.

“The death toll in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew is 339. That’s what environmental racism looks like,” Bogado wrote though the tweet has disappeared since she deleted her account.

As devastating as Hurricane Matthew has been for the Caribbean and the southeast United States who would have guessed racism was at the heart of its dastardly plans?

Bogado sort of apologized for the tweet but prefaced it with blaming other Black Lives Matter supporters for not running to her defense.

“I apologize to every individual I hurt. And I also am sorry that my community let me hurt for hours without reaching out. And still hasn’t,” she wrote in one tweet, shocked that other black people wouldn’t defend such a ridiculous comment.

She also said that the people mocking her tweet and her writing ability were “very triggering”

“I’ll end by expressing that I cannot be at all surprised at what’s transpired. I already knew that solidarity never really was for me,” she said.

And neither were brains.

Social media mockery of her tweet was brutal.

Carmine Sabia


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