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Jeb slams Trump, but cousin Billy Bush gets free pass from family and MSNBC?

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Donald Trump will doubtless pay a political price for his lewd 2005 locker room banter with then-Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush, but the unscripted moment could be a costly career incident for Bush as well.

Bush is now a 9 am hour co-host of NBC’s Today Show and, for the moment at least, MSNBC and NBC seem to have toned down their current employee’s involvement and even participation in the conversation with Trump.

How long will that last? When the shock of this recent incident, for which Trump has apologized, wears off, Trump’s womanizing flair isn’t really anything new, but Bush works for a show that relies heavily on female viewers. The fact that Bush seemed to back up Trump’s contention (with a hearty “whatever you want”) that famous men like himself “can do anything” to women — with “phony tits” and without — including “[grabbing] them by the p*ssy,” will affect how female viewers see Bush on screen, and in turn will affect executives who eventually will decide Bush’s fate.

Not to mention the fact that the married woman Trump “failed to seduce” ended up being Billy Bush’s own Access co-worker Nancy O’Dell.

In a statement released by NBC Universal, Bush didn’t even take full responsibility. Instead he made THIS sleazy apology.

He has also deleted his Twitter account, which once had over 150,000 followers.

Interestingly, cousin Jeb Bush is harshly condemning Trump while seeming to leave his participating cousin in the clear. After all, family is family.

Which was promptly noticed:

For his part, Trump has issued an apology admiting that he is not perfect. Watch his video apolgy HERE. 

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