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Hillary in leaked speech to bankers: ‘My dream is open borders’

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DC NEWSBy Blake Neff, DCNF

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told executives at a Brazilian bank in a private speech that she wants open borders for the United States, according to a new leak by the online hacktivist group Wikileaks.

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders,” Clinton says in an excerpt from a speech to Unibanco Itau, a Brazilian bank. “We have to resists protectionism [and] other kinds of barriers to market access and to trade.”

The unreleased transcripts of Clinton’s paid speeches to financial firms were a major point of contention during the Democratic primary, with Sen. Bernie Sanders repeatedly demanding that Clinton release the transcripts, and Clinton repeatedly refusing to do so.

Now, Wikileaks has released what appear to be excerpts from those speeches, and in one of them Clinton has described a vision in which the United States has open borders and total free trade with the rest of North and South America.

While campaigning for the presidency, Clinton has opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement after previously backing it, and critics have accused her of switching sides for political convenience.

The excerpts were obtained thanks to an email Clinton research director Tony Carrk sent to several senior Clinton aides, in which he identified “the flags from HRC’s paid speeches” that could cause political difficulties. Some of the red flags included Clinton admitting she is out-of-touch with middle America, Clinton saying it was necessary to hold distinct “public” and “private” positions on issues, and Clinton being aware that the State Department faced huge security threats despite using an unsecure private server.

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