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Trump visits Las Vegas grade school, but 6-year-old girl’s takedown of Hillary steals the show…

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Kids just say the darndest things!

And a 6-year-old little girl who got to meet Donald Trump had impeccable timing for her doozy of a comment.

Trump surprised a classroom of first graders at International Christian Academy and got an earful from the excited youngsters.

“I want to touch his hair because it’s orange,” one student can be heard saying.

But the real zinger came when a little girl named Anabelle told a local TV station what she thought about Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton.

“My heart was kind of like squished together a bit,” she said of her nervousness meeting Trump.

“One of the lady’s that wants to be president, are actually bad. And, um, she steals…”

And, cut the feed.

To cute. Anabelle, you’re going places!



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