Squatters, public sex, threats; taxpayers flee Democrat-run Denver as homeless population explodes

The homeless takeover of Denver, Colorado, has gotten so bad in recent months fed up homeowners are selling their homes and moving away from the city.

One young Denver couple said they’ve had it with the homeless stealing from them, having sex and doing drugs in alleyways and generally driving down everyone’s quality of life. So they are selling their home and moving out, according to CBS Denver.

“It makes us extremely uncomfortable and we don’t want to live here any longer,” the homeowner told CBS. “Increasingly every day it’s the number one reason I want to sell is because of the homeless situation,” she added.

The report notes that this homeowner isn’t alone and an complaints about the increase in homeless people in Denver has grown over the last few years.

CBS went on to report about one particular incident:

The couple selling their house said they were constantly dealing with needles, feces and used condoms in their alley. They say on occasion, the homeless would walk into their backyard, take their patio cushions and use them for sleeping. But they say the last straw came on the night of Sept. 12, when they say two transients repeatedly had loud sex just outside their front door.

Residents in Denver are increasingly afraid for their safety as homeless people grow bolder in demands for pocket change and continue to steal things from people’s homes.

“As a citizen, homeowner and taxpayer, this has become a safety hazard, with these homeless individuals screaming and threatening if (I try) to invite them to leave. This is certainly not the picture of the city that the administration wants to the visitors and tourists coming to Denver (to see),” Dr. Massimo Asolati, who lives in Denver near 18th and Gilpin, told reporters.

Many people are sick and tired of the situation and have taken to social media to vent their frustrations.

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