Leaked email reveals Hillary faked surprise during TV interview; whole thing scripted by campaign

Hillary Clinton is legendary for the control she exerts over media opportunities and nowhere was that more apparent than in a recent appearance on “The Steve Harvey Show.”

The Democratic nominee’s campaign took advantage of perennial nice guy Steve Harvey to the extent of helping write the show’s script, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

An internal campaign email sent to Clinton on Feb. 17, 2016, by aides, found attached to an email posted on the website DCLeaks.com, exposed the campaign’s heavy hand.

“Steve [Harvey] is known to be a host who goes out of his way to make his guests feel comfortable,” wrote campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney and communications aide Betsaida Alcantara. “We coordinated closely with the show’s producers on the script and format of the show.”

The communique was sent one week before Clinton’s appearance.

More From the Free Beacon:

The campaign memo reveals that Clinton’s staff worked with Harvey to craft the structure of the interview, and briefed the Democratic presidential nominee ahead of time on the precise wording of Harvey’s questions.

The questions touched on Clinton’s granddaughter, her preference for deep dish or thin crust pizza, her campaign’s “great start,” efforts to bridge America’s racial divide, and her support for gun control policies.

According to the memo, Clinton’s staff saw Harvey’s show as an effective and low-risk way to reach out to female and African-American voters. They also noted recent episodes of the show that focused on issues that Clinton had stressed during her campaign.


In a show of just how duplicitous Clinton can be, she feigned surprise throughout the interview, despite knowing ahead of time what was coming.

The campaign and the show’s producers also agreed ahead of time on the structure of a segment that would explore Clinton’s biography and achievements.

“During this segment Steve will take a trip down memory lane with YOU to talk about the different moments of YOUR life displayed in the photographs below,” the memo explained photos of Clinton that Harvey pulled up on screen as she discussed her childhood, education, relationship with her husband, and election to the U.S. Senate.


Yet, as seen in the clip below, a fraudulent Clinton expressed “surprise” when Harvey displayed a photo of her at 12 years old.

“Oh boy!” the candidate said. “Oh my goodness.”

Tom Tillison


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