Alleged ‘neo-Nazi’ crashes Reno rally; Trump supporters promptly ‘humiliate’ him, toss him out

Donald Trump supporters shouted down a man promoting Nazi slogans at a Nevada rally amid speculation that he was planted at the event.

The man, wearing a camouflage baseball cap and a “State of Jefferson” T-Shirt, carried small signs with the slogans attracting the attention of reporters at the Reno campaign rally Wednesday.

Identified as 25 year-old Brady Garrett, he was shouted down by Trump supporters and escorted out of the building by security. He confirmed he was a neo-Nazi to CNN and disputed facts about the Holocaust.

David Martosko of the Daily Mail questioned the incident and found the man “suspicious.”

The man allegedly made racist comments and one of his signs read “Research Holocaust Revisionism.” He even commented on Ivanka Trump.

Trump supporters shouted chants to drown him out and some even confronted him as well as the reporters who were eager to speak to him.

“Why are you trying to speak for everybody? You go speak for somebody else,” Robert Santos shouted at Garrett.

“The guy’s a nut job,” Santos later told CNN. When asked if he was bothered by this kind of person supporting Trump, Santos replied, “It bothers me anywhere that they support anybody. It’s their right but we don’t need to interview that person.”

Others also questioned whether the man was ultimately a left-wing plant.

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Frieda Powers


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