‘Utterly out of control’ – debate goes off the rails, Kaine’s interruptions bury him

If the first presidential debate of 2016 was seen as Donald Trump debating both Hillary Clinton and the moderator, the sole vice presidential debate was seen as an exercise in Mike Pence dealing with constant interruptions by his opponent — with the moderator’s blessing.

Did they have a problem dealing with the truth?

Clip via Fox News Channel

Fox News contributor Chris Stirewalt said the interruptions were indicative of how each candidate prepared for the evening. While Indiana Gov. Pence actually boned up on the issues, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine memorized a string of talking points he was eager to display.

“You could tell that [Kaine] had all these lines that he wanted to get in,” Stirewalt said. “And it was too much and he couldn’t quite handle it.”

Fox News host Howard Kurtz agreed, and said that although he enjoys politics, the debate gave him a headache.

“Elaine Quijano, the moderator from CBS, let this debate careen out of control,” Kurtz said. “I think as time went on Kaine lost this debate because his attacks were less forceful as they became more scattershot.”

And that wasn’t just a Fox News observation. Liberal and mainstream media took notice also.

Kaine’s constant interruptions, when placed alongside Pence’s discussion of the issues, didn’t bode well for the Virginia Democrat as a Frank Luntz focus group proved.

Some sarcastic commenters harkened back to when Trump was called “sexist” by many on the left for interrupting Hillary Clinton at the presidential debate and compared it to, not only Kaine’s interruptions of Pence but of the female moderator.

Nagourney, writing for The New York Times, concluded that Kaine’s interruptions indicated that he “appears To Have Had A Few Too Many Cups Of Coffee.”

Not a good night for the Democrats — and not a good night for the electorate.

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