‘Go ahead and drone him!’ People go into meltdown mode, FURIOUS Assange didn’t drop Hillary bombshell

Julian Assange made his highly anticipated announcement in the early hours Tuesday and about all he accomplished was to piss off a lot of people.

…though he left plenty of people hanging, Assange did promise there will be more to come.

The WikiLeaks founder said the organization will release documents related to the presidential election in the U.S. before November 8, but backed away from the media hype that Tuesday’s announcement was going to spell doom for Hillary Clinton.

Much of that hype was prompted by a tweet from Trump ally Roger Stone, who declared Clinton will be “done” by Wednesday, which BizPac Review did cover.

Assange also denied the document release was aimed at damaging the Democratic presidential nominee.

Given his past criticism of the candidate, people expecting an October surprise are now furious — though many jumped to their own conclusions, as media analyst Mark Dice pointed out on Twitter:


One social media user still has faith there may be a bombshell or two in the days ahead:


Perhaps, but people are still furious, nonetheless… in fact, one user played up claims that Hillary Clinton asked about turning loose a drone on Assange, saying “Drone him.”

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:










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