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Fake reporter convinces New Yorkers Hillary dropped out of race – funny stuff!

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With all the recent speculation about Hillary Clinton’s health, it should come as no surprise that some people easily believed a report that she had dropped out of the presidential race.

Actor and comedian Tyler Fischer, pretending to be a reporter for BBC America, conducted man on the street interviews in New York City asking what passers-by thought of the “breaking news” that the Democratic presidential nominee had left the race. There were some, including a group of young women, who were quite pleased to hear the news, but most of the reactions were nothing short of hilarious, and maybe even disturbing at times.

“Oh my God,” some gasped, while others asked if it was really true and bemoaned the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the next president.

“I knew it was gonna happen,” said one man. And plenty more echoed that sentiment.

“There goes another assassination,” said another.

One even told the reporter he was going to “hang myself.”

One man simply could not believe the report. “I don’t think she’d drop out even if she died,” he said.

At least someone’s paying attention.

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