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Creepy clown hysteria is getting serious all over US; White House reporter asks if Obama’s been briefed

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There is an epidemic sweeping the country that is downright creepy.

Clown hysteria has become widespread as reports come in from across the nation of creepy clown sightings and encounters. In a first for the White House, the clown phenomenon question was brought up by a reporter at a press briefing Tuesday.

Plenty of people suffer from coulrophobia, an irrational fear of clowns, but when a marketing stunt for a 16-minute horror film, “Gags, the Green Bay Clown,” went viral, the clown sightings took off.

Serious reports of creepy clowns appearing in cities across the country and of clowns attempting to lure children surfaced.

College campuses and schools in multiple cities reported clown sightings.

While some of the reports were unfounded or just pranks, there were many disturbing incidents that police have been contending with.

A 13-year-old Virginia girl was arrested for allegedly soliciting someone with a clown profile picture to kill her teacher.

Another 13 year-old in Philadelphia who made clown threats against her school told police it was just a prank.

A Texas teen was the culprit behind clown-related terror threats made online and discovered by police.

School officials in New Haven, Connecticut issued a statement to parents noting that “clown-themed posturing has been a growing trend” and moved to “prohibit clown costumes and any symbols of terror during this Halloween season.”

In other reports, police urged precaution and for people not to shoot “random clowns.”

And some real clowns, it seems, are not happy about the negative attention.

With Halloween fast approaching, the clown epidemic may be sticking around for a little while.

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