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Thugs vandalize new Trump DC hotel, Libs translate: ‘hurt feelings from racial hostilities spill over’

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The new Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., re-utilizing the old Post Office building, barely got opened before Black Lives Matter activists decided to make it the object of their hate.

The opulent, magnificent structure opened on September 12 and protesters already defaced the front entrance with graffiti.

Someone had spray-painted “No Justice” and “Peace” with a red line through it on the left, and “Black Lives Matter” on the right.

Hurt feelings? American Urban Radio Network White House correspondent April Ryan thought so, and tweeted:

But as many were quick yo point out, it’s more than “hurt feelings”; it’s a criminal act that should never be condoned or whitewashed.

One person, a Hillary Clinton supporter going by the name “C. Mills,” posted the photo to his Instagram account with a call for like-minded people to vote.

Make sure y’all vote next month…its critical.. If you Don’t vote it’s as if you are voting for Trump and that’s not a good look. #imwithher

A photo posted by C.Mills (@camsinatra1) on

“If you Don’t vote it’s as if you are voting for Trump and that’s not a good look,” he wrote.

What Mills failed to understand is that acts like this will also be a clarion call to Trump supporters — as well as those on the fence — to cast their ballot for the Republican presidential nominee.

As a temporary measure, Trump employees covered the graffiti with sheets of plywood.

No only does the original structure have architectural, historical and political significance, but by repurposing and revitalizing it, Trump’s intention was to revitalize Washington, D.C.’s blighted inner-city.

But apparently some people don’t care.


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