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Hispanic men post video of themselves stealing Trump signs, beating a woman in her own yard

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Put it this way, if a group of white men recorded themselves driving around a black or Hispanic neighborhood beating up women and stealing Hillary Clinton signs, it would be the front-page headline of every national newspaper and the top story on every major news website.

Of course, since the roles are reversed, this will barely be a blip on the radar.

Several Hispanic males were driving around their neighborhood stealing Trump / Pence signs when they met some resistance from a female Trump supporter in her own yard. One of them promptly waylays her, steals the sign, and is filmed in their car – along with all the other Trump signs they swiped that day – singing “F Donald Trump” to accompanying music.

Watch the shocking video below (beware – violence & strong language):


There have been dozens of incidents like this, none of which make national headlines. Just two days ago, a violent mob attacked a California man on the street for daring to wear a Trump hat.

It would seem that there are only two courses of action here – vote for Donald Trump, or watch the collapse of American civilization right before our eyes.

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Scott Morefield


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