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Trump demands Obama promise not to pardon Hillary if she’s indicted for ‘crimes against our country’

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Donald Trump made a direct and public demand of President Obama asking him not to pardon Hillary Clinton if she is indicted for “crimes against our country.”

The Democratic presidential nominee has not been charged with committing any crime but Trump addressed the possibility that she could still face prosecution for her part in the email scandal from her time as secretary of state.

“Here’s a demand I’m making today to President Obama,” the Republican nominee said Friday at a campaign rally in Novi, Mich., according to The Hill. “Mr. President, will you pledge not to issue a pardon to Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators for their many crimes against our country and against society itself?”

“Will you make that pledge?” Trump asked.  “No one is above the law.”

Trump blasted Clinton over the email probe during the rally, the Hill reported.

“Clinton and her cronies will say anything, do anything, lie about anything to keep their grip on power, to keep their control over our country,” he said.

He also demanded that if his opponent wins in November, she pledge not to bring in staffers who took immunity deals during the FBI investigation into her email server.

“She lied to Congress so many times, and how about her people and representatives taking the Fifth Amendment and her ringleaders getting immunity deals,” Trump said. “We call them now the ‘FBI Immunity Five’. So listen to this, here’s my question for Hillary Clinton. Can you promise that not one of the five people who were granted criminal immunity will ever be allowed in a Clinton administration if that ever happens?”

Trump referred back to past Clinton scandals and reminded the crowd that former President Bill Clinton had “pardoned a fugitive” on his last day in office in 2001. Commodities trader Marc Rich was charged with making oil deals with Iran during the hostage crisis and made the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list when he did not return to the U.S. from Switzerland.

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