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Brit Hume, Ed Henry identify mystery man with Hillary at debate, tag-team cheating scandal

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Conspiracy theories of how Hillary Clinton cheated during the first presidential debate dominated social media in the days following her match up with Donald Trump, including a rumor of a so-called “mystery man” picking up a folder from Clinton’s podium at the conclusion of the event.

According to the story line, the man seen arriving with Clinton at Hofstra University retrieved the folder before handing it off to NBC moderator Lester Holt. Conspiracy theorists insist that the folder contained the questions Holt would be asking during the debate.

Here’s a video of the incident — the actual “hand off” is conveniently not captured:

But Fox News’ Brit Hume, with a little help from colleague Ed Henry, shed a little light on the story, which sufficiently put to rest this “example” on Clinton cheating.

Turns out the mystery man, aka The Cleaner, is not all that mysterious.

The man, Brady C. Williamson, specializes in debate negotiations and has assisted Democrat candidates in the last seven presidential elections. Williamson helped Clinton prepare for the debates in the primary and now with GOP rival Donald Trump.

Watch Hume and Henry debunk the claims below while revealing Hume’s own history with Williamson… now on to the hand signals!

Tom Tillison


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