‘Bill Clinton is a rapist!’ See Fox & Friends hilarious live shot interruption, with security takedown action

A man sporting a Bill Clinton t-shirt interrupted “Fox and Friends Weekend” Saturday morning with shouts that the former president “is a rapist.”

Tucker Carlson, Abby Huntsman and Ed Henry were doing a live outdoor segment in the plaza outside Fox News’ New York headquarters and just as Huntsman said “I have been waiting for this segment all morning long,” a man dressed in a shirt and tie in the background opens his shirt.

As he reveals a t-shirt emblazoned with Clinton’s face, he begins yelling repeatedly, “Bill Clinton is a rapist!

The man tried to climb over a barricade behind the Fox morning crew, presumably to get closer to the camera, but security was quick to the scene and pulled him back.

“Get your hands off me,” the unidentified man tells a security guard holding him from behind.

The hosts were stunned by the man’s antics, but at least one of them got a YUGE kick out of the incident.

“We’ve got a very excitable young man behind us!” Carlson said with a big laugh. “Not a Bill Clinton fan.”

Tom Tillison


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