‘You would put her in jail?’ Judge Jeanine answers Hannity’s question so fast it’ll make your head spin

Despite that the fully politicized FBI refused to recommend that Hillary Clinton be prosecuted for her illegal use of a private email server in contravention of our national security laws, Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro insists that Clinton should be in jail, not running for president. She also said FBI Director James Comey failed to obey the law.

Appearing on the Thursday edition of the Sean Hannity show, Pirro slammed both Hillary and FBI Director Comey for Hillary’s illegal activities, Fox Insider noted.

Off the bat, Hannity asked if Pirro would put Hillary in jail if she were the Attorney General. Pirro did not hesitate to answer.

“Without a doubt,” Pirro said and began to get very serious.

“You do not have the right to violate the law, put the security of this nation in jeopardy, lie to the American people about it over and over again, meet with the FBI – where all the rules are thrown to the wind – and then say to the American people, ‘I should be your president,'” she said.

Piro also noted that even as some Americans say there is one system of justice for whites and another for blacks, she insisted there really is a two-part justice system but it isn’t one divided by race.

“I see two systems,” Pirro said, “[one] where people have power and money, and then the ordinary America, irrespective of their color.”

Pirro also hoped that GOP nominee Donald Trump would confront Hillary over the issue at the next debate and side with those who think Hilary should be prosecuted.

The former judge and Fox host also lamented her past strong support for FBI chief James Comey. She noted that she was once one of Comey’s biggest supporters but now that he has become a 100% political actor, she is more than disappointed in him.

She promised to target Comey in an upcoming episode of her own Fox News show.


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