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New report finds Republicans hold big advantage over Democrats for voter enthusiasm

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Democrats are not very excited about voting for Hillary Clinton this year. In fact, a new report finds that Democrats who say they will definitely vote is at a 16-year low.

The new survey by the Gallup polling firm found that just 65 percent of Democrats plan to bother voting this year. That is a nine-point drop over the 2012 election.

“While Americans are giving a similar level of thought to the presidential election compared with previous years,” Gallup wrote, “the percentage saying they are certain they will vote is lagging, particularly among young adults. This likely reflects the persistently poor images of both major party nominees, as well as Hillary Clinton’s difficulty in winning over the young adults who were much more favorable toward Bernie Sanders than toward her when Sanders was running for the Democratic nomination.”

Republican voters hold an 11-point advantage over Democrat voter rates with 76 percent of Republicans saying they intend to vote for Donald Trump in November.

Gallup continued saying, “Still, by 76 percent to 65 percent, Republicans remain more likely than Democrats to say they will definitely vote — a gap that is similar to 2012, but higher than in previous elections. Further, the 65 percent of Democrats saying they will definitely vote is well below their average for the prior four presidential elections (77 percent), whereas the 76 percent of Republicans saying they will definitely vote is only a bit lower than their prior average (81 percent).”

The poll also found that enthusiasm for voting among young people has cratered since the year 2000. In 2000 60 percent of people 18 to 34 said they were going to vote. But this year, that same age bracket has plummeted to only 47 percent.

This dearth in the youth vote is particularly worrisome for Democrats.


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