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Can’t make this up, Clinton intern named Monica part of Hillary scandal

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Another intern named Monica is involved in another Clinton scandal.

There’s no blue dress, but the situation is still sticky.

The most recent FBI document dump on Friday revealed the name of the “confidential assistant” who was instrumental in managing many of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mobile devices.

The highly redacted files showed tech help from Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin, Clinton Foundation official Justin Cooper and a new name, an aide named Monica Hanley, Fox News reported.

One of the most stunning revelations in the documents is that Hanley searched for used Blackberries on eBay for Clinton to use as replacements when she broke one of hers.

Hanley, who began working at the State Department in 2009, was interviewed by FBI investigators on Jan. 11 and June 23, according to Fox News.

In her interviews, Hanley told the FBI that during her time at the State Department, she learned “specifically how to handle and transport classified information/paper but could not recall who provided the training.”

Two emails from Hanley were marked classified with a c for “confidential,” the lowest level of classification. Fox News first reported some of the emails contained classified markings despite Clinton’s public claims.

The FBI document said “Hanley received a Top Secret/SCI clearance at DoS.” Despite the training, during one trip to Russia, Hanley was specifically criticized for leaving a classified document in a hotel suite she shared with Clinton during the trip. “Hanley was informed by DS (Department of State) that the briefing book and document should have never been in the suite,” the document said.


In one of her interviews with the FBI Hanley admitted transferring Clinton’s emails to a thumb drive and not knowing what happened to it.

Carmine Sabia


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