NRA fact-checks Hillary’s ‘gun epidemic’ claim … and blows it out of the water

Hillary and her team, also known as the mainstream media, weren’t the only ones busy fact-checking during Monday night’s presidential debate.

Clinton went after the NRA and Second Amendment with the hyperbolic claim that America is experiencing both a “plague” and a “gun epidemic.”

Au contraire, claimed the NRA that was quick to point out the facts.

Informed Twitter users pointed out that the places experiencing the worst gun violence are those with the strictest gun control laws.

And for those who believe the government can do a better job at protecting you, than you can, Second Amendment defender Dana Loesch has a wake up call for you:


Others found the word “plague” an odd choice to say the least.

Actor Steven Seagal laid down some cold hard facts of his own:

Truer words couldn’t be spoken.

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