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Michael Moore has his money on Trump after first debate; his warning to ‘Hillary gloaters’ . . .

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It’s getting hard to decipher which presidential candidate Michael Moore is rooting for.

Monday night’s presidential debate likely did little to sway many minds. Those in Hillary’s camp were convinced she won, and Trump supporters viewed his authentic style as a welcomed change.

While Hillary fans celebrated her robotic, and often times smug performance, it was ultra-Liberal Michael Moore who heeded a warning call to Hillary “gloaters,” because according to him, “Trump is gonna win.”

Wow. That’s not what one would expect after so many Clinton fans think they’ve got this election in the bag. Sure, Clinton came across to many as prepared, but it didn’t necessarily impress everyone. After all, she’s had decades of experience schmoozing, lying, and flip-flopping her way up the big-government ladder.

While Trump’s delivery at times, could have used some refining, at least he’s seen as passionate, and real. And with today’s current climate, that’s a big deal. Moore knows it, and urged his fellow regressives not to rest on their laurels.

As they say, it ain’t over, till it’s over.

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