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Mike Pence dashes hopes of Gennifer Flowers – Hillary Clinton debate showdown

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Perhaps without realizing it, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence dashed much of the suspense leading up to the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton set for Monday night.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Pence was emphatic that Gennifer Flowers “will not be attending the debate tomorrow night.”

“Hillary Clinton apparently thinks this is an episode of ‘Shark Tank’ but this is America,” he told host Chris Wallace. “It’s serious business.”

Flowers, of course, is the woman who had an extramarital affair with Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. Trump mentioned her name in response to the news that billionaire Mark Cuban will be in the front row at Monday night’s debate in support of Hillary Clinton.


Flowers was quick to accept Trump’s invitation, but there’s little to suggest he was serious.

The campaign said as much when campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told CNN’s Jake Tapper that Trump’s tweet was intended to put Team Hillary “on notice” that he can invite people to get into her head as easily as Clinton tried to do with him by inviting Cuban.

“Mr. Trump was putting them on notice that we could certainly invite guests that make it into the head of Hillary Clinton,” Conway said. “We do not expect her to be a guest of the Trump campaign.”

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