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‘Here, make yourself useful’: George W. Bush ‘taps’ Obama to snap a photo

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It’s always newsworthy when two U.S. presidents attend a public event together and the official opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture was no exception.

Former President George W. Bush joined with President Barack Obama, who officially dedicated the museum Saturday morning and a rather lighthearted moment was captured on camera after the opening ceremonies when Bush enlisted the help of the current president in taking a selfie with some attendees.

The woman posing with him was initially holding the camera phone, but Bush noticed that a young girl present was not in the frame and took the device from the woman and was trying to include the child in the photo.

And that’s when he noticed Obama nearby glad-handing with the folks and with a presidential tap in the back, Bush put the 44th president of the United States to work.

While some might say that’s typical George W. Bush, who has always had a casual demeanor, in the post-racial era of Barack Obama, there are going to be the prerequisite charges of racism.

But Bush probably had another thought in mind, as one social media user noted: “Here – make yourself useful.”

Either way, the reaction on the internet to the incident shows that while some Americans can still have a little fun, too many of us takes things way too serious.

Bush later posted a photo capturing the endearing moment on Instagram, thanking Obama for taking the photo:

Tom Tillison


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